Reasons why your Brand needs a strong digital presence

Everyone is in a rat race to be the most popular brand, what’s the best way to accomplish that you ask? Online presence, without a doubt. Digital marketing has been a trend approximately since the past 10 years. Social media in particular is virtual super power that can make or break your business brand. The best part? This platform is equal to all. So if you’re a big brand looking to get bigger or a small business seeking for growth, Digital marketing should be your go to.

In lay man’s terms, digital marketing is the endorsement of brands, products and services using virtual platforms like Social media sites, emails, search engines, and other electronic mediums. The two major pillars of digital marketing are SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) along with a number of supporting pillars like social media optimization, email & mobile marketing, bog activities, content marketing, etc.

It’s no secret that the COVID-19 Pandemic has struck all business very hard. Companies are finding it very hard to cope with the sudden shift from physical to virtual. Especially companies without an active virtual presence. Growth is a far-fetched dream for them. Marketing has become their prime challenge. It’s practically impossible to market your business in person due to lockdown restrictions. With this drastic shift from offline to online, many businesses are working on building their virtual presence. Companies are actively seeking to establish themselves online. It is the best time for companies to embrace the beauty that is digital marketing.

Now that you’re all filled in on its meaning and current scenario, you’ll be wondering why it’s need? Here are a few droplets from the ocean full of reasons why you SHOULD embrace Digital Marketing:


It goes without saying, Digital Marketing is more cost efficient. Traditional modes of marketing like TV and Print Media cost a ton in comparison to social media campaigns. In fact, digital campaigns cost just a fraction of the amount spent on traditional marketing channels. Apart from finance, social media management and marketing is also hassle free and time friendly. You barely spend anytime posting online than creating Ad’s and approaching TV channels or print media companies. Whether you are a huge brand or a startup, everyone can avail the benefits of digital marketing. Especially in today’s tight economy, digital marketing is surely the way to go!

Easy Tracking & More interaction

Sick of tedious manual tracking of interactions? Digital marketing is the solution. There are a number of analytics solutions which provide a report with detailed statistics of your campaign. These are real time reports tracked on an hourly and daily basis. You have access to all these reports whenever you want. You can use this saved time in brain storming better ideas to increase your interaction and reach. Unlike traditional marketing channels which are one way and static, online marketing is highly interactive. Social media sites allow the customers to interact with the brand, share their thoughts, likes, dislikes, etc. These customers can also become potential clients by using slightly advanced techniques.

Target Audience

Traditional channels telecast your Ads to a set group of audience who may or may not be interested in your products. Digital platforms, however, refine the search and reach out to your target audience. You can filter your audience on the basis of age, gender, profession, locality, etc. Most social sites have inbuilt mechanisms that show you only relevant content based on your search history and interactions. Thus, you can channelize your energy to serving only those who are interested in your products and services. It also breaks geographical barriers. Since the internet is available to all, your target audience could be anywhere on this planet. Seize the opportunity, Take your brand overseas!

Digital Revolution

Owing to the pandemic, everything is strictly digital today. Thus giving a massive boost to digital marketing. But the digital revolution isn’t limited to the pandemic. Although, the pandemic increased the pace of the revolution, the slow shift has been taking place since years. Since everything is so easily available online, print media is slowly running out of business. The millennial generation, also popularly known as the ‘internet generation’ is the heart of this revolution. Maximum of the present generation is present and active on one or multiple social media platforms. Internet is their go to for everything. It is a ready market; all you gotta do is woo them!

Work from Anywhere

The best part about digital marketing is its easily accessible anywhere, anytime. All you need is a smart phone and you’re good to go. Gone are the days when you had to sit in a confined space and create marketing strategies and execution, abhi online ka zamana hai. With every sector taking a hit during the pandemic, digital marketing is the only blooming sector.

Did you know? India ranks 2nd in the list of countries with the highest number of internet users. Which means, a ready market is waiting to consume your brand. All you have to do is drop that traditional marketing ideologies and go digital. Luckily for you unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing will never go off business. What are you waiting for? Create your business page today!

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